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Road traffic in Paris today and tomorrow: when is the best time to avoid traffic jams ?

Road traffic change every minutes. How avoid Traffic Jams and a perfect waste of time ?

We have studied around 1.900.000 numbers of data traffic, depending on:

1°) Calendar: Seasons and months, French school holidays, Day of the week, Day of the month, Sunrise and Sunset.

2°) Weather in Paris: Temperatures, Precipitation, Visibility

3°) Weather in France (during week-end or french school holidays when parisians can leave Paris)

4°) others: Traffic accidents (It is the only parameter which cannot be predicted), Public transport strikes, sportive or political events.


Big data and predictive analytics: by analysing all this data and the weather forecast, we can forecast road traffic for the next hours in Paris.
The calculations will be updated every 12 minutes.

Global road traffic in Paris and the surrounding area:



Some examples of routes: Paris ring road, PARIS- > suburb, suburb - > PARIS
Paris ring road

The NORTH. Paris (porte de bagnolet) --> Roissy airport (CDG) and Roissy airport (CDG) --> Paris

The EAST. Paris (porte de Bercy) --> Marne-la-Vallée (DisneyLand Paris) and Marne-la-Vallée (DisneyLand Paris) --> Paris

The SOUTH. Paris (porte d'Orléans) --> Ris Orangis (A6 Highway) and Ris Orangis (A6 Highway) --> Paris

The SOUTH. Paris (porte d'Italie) --> Orly airport et Orly airport --> Paris

The West. Porte d'Auteuil --> Rocqencourt (A13 Highway) et Rocquencourt (A13 Highway) --> Paris