Predictive Analysis: We analyse the past to predict the future

Your sales vary from one day to the next. Is this just coincidence ? Is it chance ? No, it isn't. Your commercial activity depends on the calendar (season, month, day of the week and of the month, holidays,...), on the weather (Temperature, Precipitation,...), and other factors.
In whatever sector you work, your activity is weather sensitive: your sales depend on the weather and on the calendar.

Variations of temperature, precipitation, and the number of sunshine hours will make your sales fluctuate. How much ? We can evaluate that.

Data analysis (looking at the past and the present) allows for predicting and planning for the future.

And predicting the future allows you to avoid wasting time, while earning money and saving time ! Contact us !

Our Studies about Expected Waiting Times for Numerous Parks and Attractions:

Disneyland Paris: Lines in DisneyLand Paris for the next few days

Europa-Park: Lines forecasts in Europa-Park for the next few days

Eiffel Tower: Lines forecasts for each the next few weeks in Eiffel Tower

What are "weather sensitive" and "weather sensitivity" ? weather sensitivity

Our Studies about COVID-19:

predicting the evolution of the Coronavirus

Is COVID-19 sensitive to temperature and to weather ?

Algorithms and Google Trends: how we analyse the Russian way of thinking" ? long live Ukraine