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News articles from the last month:

November 16th 2017
Between November 11th 2017 and january 7th 2018: it's the Christmas season in Disneyland Paris

Consult our waiting time's forecasts and traffic's forecast before to go to Disneyland Paris: http://meteosensible.free.fr/disneylandparis.html
Evoid the crowd !

February 21st 2017
The winter holidays in France:
Week 1 (4-11 february): GREEN area on holidays
Week 2 (11-18 february): GREEN area + BLUE area on holidays
Week 3 (18-25 february): BLUE area + ORANGE area on holidays
Week 4 (25 february-4 march): ORANGE area on holidays
During these 4 weeks, there are many visitors in Disneyland Paris. Among these 4 weeks, the busied week is: week 3

January 18th 2017
A good news: it will be very cold in Disneyland Paris next days.
So fewer visitors, so less waiting :-)

July 14th 2016
Bastille day in Disneyland Paris

May 24th 2016
Do you know Disneyland Paris is the greatest show place in Europe ? So, to avoid lot of people in waiting line, you have to consult our forecast: http://meteosensible.free.fr/disneylandparis.html
A nice week

February 1st 2016

February 1st 2016
At 2:30 pm this afternoon, a 28-year-old man was arrested in Disneyland Paris: He had 2 weapons and 20 cartridges in a his suitcase.
An investigation is in progress: we don't know if he wanted to attack others.
He acted THE day of the least traffic of the year in Disneyland Paris.
So, is he very stupid or is it a false alarm ?
In both cases, there is some further reassurance in that

January 27th 2016
LONDRES St-Pancras --> Disneyland 2 hours, 53 minutes
BRUXELLES --> Disneyland 1 hour, 36 minutes

80 millions of European and french people can go to Disneyland Paris in less than 4 hours

What about you ?

1) How long do you need to go to Disneyland ?
2) How do you think to go to Disneyland Paris next time:
- by train
- by bus
- by plane
- by car

January 27th 2016
January is the month with least traffic and waiting time, in Disneyland Paris.
28th January will be LIGHT GREEN Day

We will have to wait for september 2016 to have other Light green days
So, hurry up ! Come on now !

January 18th 2016
After Novembre 13th, and during 1 month, traffic in Disneyland Paris was 35% below what one would expect.
Since January 1st, do you think:
1) traffic in Disneyland is still 35% below what one would expect
2) traffic in Disneyland is 20% below what one would expect
3) there is no impact
4) there is a "catching up effect": some people, who were due to go to Disneyland last november, are visiting Disneyland in January. So there is more people.
Answer 1, 2, 3 or 4 ?

Answer 3: since the begining of year2016, There is not any more. So much the better !

January 13th 2016
Do you like waiting ? I suppose you don't like
So you have to choose a good day to visit Disneyland Paris: avoid crowd and long waiting lines.
Our traffic forecast in Disneyland: DisneyLand Paris attendance forecast

January 13th 2016
After California, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo, a 6th Disneyland Park will open next june: In Shanghai, in China. The Castle of Disneyland Shanghai is now built and finished (Picture). Waiting lines in Disneyland Shanghai should be longer than in Paris (In Disneyland Tokyo, waiting lines are twice as much as in Paris).

January 12th 2016
In 2015, 15 million people visited Disneyland Paris. 50% are french 16% are english 10% are spanish 9% are italians Disneyland Paris is the place the most visited in Europe And you, where do you come from ? Did you visit Disneyland in 2015 ?

January 12th 2016
Weather has a high impact on Disneyland Paris Traffic. Temperature has an impact but pluviometry has a bigger impact on attendance in Disneyland Paris. For one millimeter of rain, attendance decreases of 2%. So for 10 mm of rain in a day, it's 20% people less in Disneyland Paris.....so 20% of waiting time less

January 10th 2016
Attendance in Disneyland Paris: next week should be the lowest week of year 2016. Waiting line average should be only around 10 minutes next wednesday

January 8rd 2016
What is the month where traffic is In the highest in Disneyland Paris: it's August ! What is the month where traffic is at the lowest in Disneyland Paris: it's January ! and Come on soon Welcome to Paris and to France

January 3rd 2016
We can now give you attendance figures in Disneyland Paris in 2015: +1% of increase with regard to 2014 (without Novembre 13th Paris attack, increase would have been +6% with regard to 2014).

January 1st 2016
Happy New year !

December 17th 2015
Star Wars in Disneyland Paris. Welcome in France !

December 16th 2015
Impact Novembre 13th attack on attendance of Disneyland Paris is decreasing very quickly: fear has disappeared ! The impact is now not more than of 10 % visitors less

November 29th 2015
The best time to visit Disneyland Paris (To avoid the crowd): http://meteosensible.free.fr/disneylandparis.html and welcome in France !