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COVID-19: Death Risk Comparison Simulator

More than 1 milion people are dead by Covid in the world.
Our goal is therefore not to minimize the COVID-19 risk. Indeed, even if your risk is low, irresponsible behavior can generate a second wave of the epidemic and thus increase your risk.

However, what is your current risk of catching COVID-19 and dying ?
Is this a greater risk than being hit by a car on your way out of your house and dying ? Is this a higher risk than being struck by lightning and dying ? It is important to be able to quantify a risk. Your risk will depend on 7 main parameters: your age, your country, your city or city size, your gender, your weight and your health status (diabetes or not; and transplanted organ or not). Enter your 7 parameters (use the drop-down menu) and our simulator will give you your risk, after about 5 seconds of calculation. Use a PC rather than a mobile phone to perform your simulation. Do the test!

How are calculations done?
We collect real-time data from John Hopkins University (this data allows us to determine your risk of catching COVID)

Then, knowing your risk of catching COVID (which depends mainly on your country and city), we calculate your risk of dying (which depends mainly on your age, weight, gender and health status)
Our data source for mortality calculation is the English epidemiological study of 17 million medical records (report available here: https://www.atoute.org/n/IMG/pdf/fdrcoviduk.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1lqzw58m0y6nLlSkBlCDF0Niz18hok-nYSq2mCRdnyHSi-RNA9xVNV4v8).